The Special Types of Raincoat

Stephen J. Arias

Rains regenjas or Raincoat are made with all kinds of special features to keep them (and you) protected from the rain. We have come a long way from coating fabric with rubber. Modern raincoats are made from chemically treated fabrics and synthetic fabrics that repel and resist water. Raincoats can be made from any fabric, including cotton, wool, vinyl, and plastic.

Waterproof Maium regenjas are often made with seam taping. The seams are taped to seal, so they are waterproof. Waterproof jackets are often seam-taped as well, so don’t expect all seam-taped coats to be completely waterproof.

Many Zwarte regenjas are made with zippers to help you get a tight seal against the rain. Zippers are usually coated to make them more water resistant. Usually, the zipper is covered or the coat is designed in such a way that the zipper is covered with fabric. This prevents water from seeping between the teeth of the zipper.

Raincoats can be light or heavy depending on the design and style. Trench coats are usually somewhat heavier and are designed to be warm and insulated. Vinyl rain ponchos, on the other hand, are generally much lighter and cooler. Some raincoats can be insulated for extra warmth.

Why are raincoats yellow?

The yellow raincoat is a famous image. In fact, that’s probably what you’re picturing. But why are raincoats yellow? An exhaustive search did not reveal a specific answer. The general opinion is that yellow is more visible to you in dark, gloomy rain. It’s also the color of sunshine, so yellow raincoats add brightness when the rain is hiding the sun. A pop of yellow is a great way to brighten up a gray, rainy world, so why not?

Dressing for the weather

It’s bad enough that it’s raining outside. Don’t spoil things by letting your clothes get wet either. Get the right raincoat to protect you from the weather and get ready to take on the world… no matter how wet it gets.

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