6 tips for outdoor jewelry photography

Outdoor jewelry photography is an art form of photography. If you want to take creative product photos of your jewelry outdoors to show on Instagram and other social networks, this blog provide some tips on how to work with light and your camera settings to get amazing results. 1. Soft […]

Summer Clothing Tips for Kids : FashioNectar

Stephen J. Arias

With summer soon coming, it’s essential to understand how to keep youngsters cool and safe throughout the season. Except for the scorching hot heat on some days, there’s nothing you can’t adore about summer. Summer clothes are probably the personal favorite aspect of the season. The great majority of people […]

12 Retail Design Tips to Help You Boost Sales

Stephen J. Arias

We all know that humans are highly visual. Eighty percent of the sensory information the brain receives comes from our eyes, which means if you want to gain and keep people’s attention, you need to show them something visually attractive and stimulating. This is where retail design comes in. If […]

 Tips To Treat And Prevent Brassy Hair

Stephen J. Arias

Tips To Treat And Prevent Brassy Hair From Award Winning Beauty Blogger, Barbie’s Beauty Bits Brassy and sassy. Hell no! On the list of bad hair days, brassiness is high on the list. Brassy hair rears its scary arrival, significantly when tresses are lightened at home. While brassy hair can […]