One2Three Jewelry What are the fancy diamonds?

There are not only colorless (white) diamonds in nature, there are also other shades of this natural mineral.   Colors of fancy diamonds Bright colored diamonds are not graded according to the GIA system. They belong to a separate group. There is even a separate name for them: fancy. Often […]

How the Rakuten Cash Back Button Works

The Rakuten Cash Back Button ensures you’ll never miss out on Cash Back again! This ingenious and easy-to-use browser extension alerts you every time you’re shopping at a store that offers Cash Back with Rakuten. It also saves you time and money by finding coupon codes and applying them directly […]

What is Consignment Inventory and How Does It Work?

As any retailer would tell you, purchasing inventory comes with a certain amount of risk. Stocking retail products typically follows the process where the retailer purchases goods from the supplier then sells those products for a profit.  However, if customers don’t purchase enough merchandise, the retailer is stuck with unsold […]