From £10 – Tatty Devine

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time? Too busy rewatching Love Actually to start your Christmas shopping? No worries – we’re here with ALL the present ideas for any jewellery lover that won’t break the bank. We’ve compiled a list of the very best stocking fillers that’ll be your one-stop shop […]

Digital Transformation in Fashion (4) – part 2/2

It seems Covid-19 pandemic is ending but uncertainty is the new norm and adapting to it is essential. Fashion, like other industries, is adapting to digital transformation by redefining customer engagement and optimizing operations across new business models with a new approach to product development where sustainability and traceability are […]

10 Things 10.31 – Jess Keys

Happy Monday! We’re back with 10 things! So, the first 10 random stream of consciousness things as they come to mind today–ready–go! 10 Things 10.31 1. We’re going trick or treating with friends tonight! (Our first time trick or treating, obviously June was too young last year!) Not sure if […]