Eyeliner Tips for Eyeconic Makeup 

Stephen J. Arias

The history of eyeliner is almost as long and varied as the humans who wear it. From the Nile’s riverbanks to the Roaring 20s’ darkly defined lashlines to modern cat-eye looks on the red carpet, the history of eyeliner is almost as long and varied as the humans who wear it. Some of the eyeliner items we use today were initially invented in ancient times: for example, ancient Egyptians employed kohl to rim their eyes, which gets still used today.

The Five Primary Varieties of Eyeliner

  1. Liquid eyeliner
  2. Cream liners
  3. Gel eyeliner
  4. Kohl liners
  5. Eyeliner pencil

Perfect Use of Eyeliner

In general, liquid or cream eyeliners are better for sharper, more defined appearances, while pencils, gels, or kohls are better for softer, smeared effects. For example, a kohl pencil or an eye kajal would be your best pick if you’re trying for a grungier, dramatic appearance.

Smudging a gel liner across the lower lid and upper lash line creates a soft, smokey eye. A liquid or cream eyeliner, on the other hand, is perhaps the easiest way to get a sharp cat-eye.

What is the Most Suitable Eyeliner for You?

Level: Beginner

Pencil Eyeliner or smudge-proof kajal pencil is an excellent place to start if you’re new to eyeliner. You can choose between three main types: standard, kohl, and gel. A regular eyeliner pencil has a harder-packed tip and is a good option for novices looking for accurate, budge-proof lines. You can also try out a kajal eyeliner or waterproof kajal. 

Gels and kohls are ideal for creating rich, inky colours that may be applied in a straight, sharp line or blended around the lashes. However, whatever eye pencil you use, make sure it’s sharpened recently for exact application.

From airy wings to a sleek tightlined eye, pencil eyeliner may be used to create a range of effects. Choose a natural eyeliner colour and sweep it around your upper lash line, staying as near the lashes as possible for a classic appearance. 

For a subtle-yet-stunning winged eyeliner effect, sweep a similar-coloured eyeshadow over the eyeliner line and flick out towards the edges. Finish with mascara and a wink in the mirror at your adorable self!

Apply a bright-coloured gel pencil to your lower waterline (the pink area between your eyeball and your lower eyelashes) or lower lash line after applying eyeshadow for a more daring effect. If desired, smear the colour with a blending brush before applying mascara as a final touch. And there you have it–a quick, effortless, and incredibly gorgeous eyeliner look!

For any newcomer, here are some extremely simple pointers

  1. A soft pencil liner in a neutral tone like charcoal grey, light brown, or bronze is ideal.
  2. Always keep the pencil sharp. It simplifies the application process.
  3. Apply colour to the inner corners of your eyes and work your way outwards, following the natural contour of your eyes.

Level: Intermediate

You’ve mastered using a pencil and are ready to take on a new task. Enter cream eyeliner, a more flexible alternative to standard pencil eyeliner.

Cream eyeliners are packaged in small pots and applied using a small detail or angled brush. This formula can be smudged out for a softer touch or utilised for more dramatic and graphic designs. 

Cream eyeliners, while not as difficult to apply as liquids, require a more steady hand for precise application but, like all eyeliner products, can be mastered with experience.

  1. Apply your eyeshadow as usual before applying cream eyeliner. 
  2. Then, into a cream eyeliner pot, dip a small angled brush. 
  3. Create a little triangle at the outer corner of your eye, keeping the angled brush in line with the natural angle of your eye. 
  4. Drag one of the triangle’s legs across your lash line, tapering in until it’s almost invisible towards the inner corner. 
  5. Then, using the gel eyeliner, fill in the blank space inside the triangle.
  6. To tidy up and sharpen the line you’ve made, dip another angled brush in some cream concealer and drag along the outside border of the gel eyeliner.

Easy tips for those with intermediate eyeliner skills. 

  1. Choose classic but unique pencil eyeliner colours, such as navy, deep green, or purple.
  2. Remember to sharpen it!
  3. Begin applying the mascara in the inner corners, following the bottom lash line as a guide.
  4. Make a soft winging motion with the colour towards your temples. Keep the wing quiet and small if you want.

Level: Expert

Liquid eyeliner creates a dramatic, crisp line that can be utilised to create everything from swoon-worthy cat-eyes to fierce avant-garde eye makeup. While it may appear to be one of the most challenging eyeliner products to master, all it takes is a steady hand and a lot of practice to master liquid eyeliner. Fortunately, with a few insider tips, you can get a flawless liquid eyeliner look in no time!

There are two types of liquid eyeliner applicators:

  1. Felt-tip: Felt-tip liquid eyeliner is simpler to apply since it gives you more control and is great for people with shaky hands. 
  2. Brush-tip: Since it can bend in unforeseen ways, a brush tip is slightly more flexible and more challenging to apply. 

On the other hand, both types of eyeliner are perfect for creating vibrant, graphic eye makeup looks.

  1. Start at the outer lash line and shake the product (if using a felt tip–this will saturate the felt tip with liquid). 
  2. Sweep the liquid eyeliner in short, continuous strokes along the upper lash line until you reach the inner corner of your eye. 
  3. Rest your pinky, or the edge of your hand, on your face for increased stability. 
  4. Then, for a modern take on the classic cat-eye, extend the line to the tear duct, following the natural contour of your eye.

Tips for an Eyeliner Expert!

Use a liquid liner in a striking colour like purple, green, teal, vivid blue, or yellow. Isn’t that exciting? An exaggerated double-colour cat-eye gets demonstrated here.

  1. Make a selection of your brightest liquid eyeliner colours. Use contrasting colours to your advantage!
  2. Close to the lash line, apply the darker shade.
  3. Apply a thicker line of the lighter shade colour on top than on the bottom.

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