2020: How my spiritual practice will impact my business

Stephen J. Arias

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, 2020 has been…. well, it’s been something. Interesting. Confounding. Confusing and frightening. But also enlightening. I’ve chosen to embrace learning the lessons this year has offered (and has yet to) and shift my focus from what’s done to what’s still to come. I’ve already […]

Return Policy Template For a Retail Business

Unlimited retail return policies allow customers to return almost any item without a problem. This is the most flexible type of return policy, although some specifics may vary. Some unlimited return policies are “no questions asked.” This means that the item can be in any condition and returned for any […]

Fashion Jewelry vs. Fine Jewelry Jewelry Business

If you are new to the jewelry world, then you’ve probably encountered some jewelry categories that might leave you confused. Especially for the distinction between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry. When buying jewelry, the terms “fashion” and “fine” will always come up and it’s important that you understand the difference […]