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They are glamorous, they are pretty, they are classy, they are elegant all at the same time. Yes, we are talking about the pretty ‘pearl drop earrings’ Pearl drop earrings go with most of your outfits so well without making you look extra or anything of that sort. We believe they can add that extra spice to your personality. Pearl drop earrings can make you look bubbly and jolly but if worn with a different outfit  the same pair of earrings can add a bit of sass and elegance that you need. They are also very trendy these days. With an overwhelming amount of new designs of trendy pearl drop earrings available nowadays, it can get a little confusing to find the perfect one for you. We saved you the pain and made this compilation of outfits that you can try the next time you want to rock pearl drop earrings!

Chain Pearl Drop Earrings


Earrings with pearl accents always look very elegant and chic on most of your outfits. Such earrings can go well with your cute dresses on casual days. The versatility of these earrings make them so special. You can wear them at a date night or pair them with your dressy trousers and shirts. Go for silent colours like silver or rose gold. Showy colour may take the elegance off them. It is very easy to pair these earrings with other jewellery because they are delicate and minimal. Stack them up for an accessorized look.

Modern Pearl Drop Earrings


These days wearing asymmetrical or mismatched earrings is very popular. In addition to this you can combine them with hoop earrings and get a more modern/experimental look because of their designs. Pair these earrings with a casual shirt and a denim or your more professional clothes. Although these earrings are kind of long and are statement pieces they are still compatible with your office outfits. Any pair of earrings with a pearl is simply good for most of the looks. 

Delicate Pearl Earrings


If you happen to love to wear more feminine outfits then these delicate pearl earrings are the best for you. For eg. a pair of triple ball drop earrings will look absolutely gorgeous with your outfits. You can pair these with chunky moti necklaces or layered necklaces and get a chic look. These earrings tend to give a classy, silent and sophisticated look so wear your outfits accordingly. Also, these are lovely to wear to a regular office day. 

Hoop Style Pearl Earrings

Hoop earrings are a huge trend lately. Hoop earrings with pearls look gorgeous and stylish. The design of these earrings look very girly and fashion forward. You can wear these types of earrings with your jolly and flowy floral print dresses. Pin your hair up, apply a dark lipstick that suits you and you are good to go. Believe us, this gonna turn some heads and win you some compliments for sure.


Tassel Pearl Drop Earrings

No other earrings are better than these on a summer inspired outfit. Now combine them with some pearl elements and you have yourself a masterpiece right here. Tassel earrings are quite trendy these  days therefore it is a must have in your jewellery box. You can find them in all of your favourite colour that matches your wardrobe. These earrings are perfect for a party, a date night, an event and almost every event where you want to look your absolute best. 


Don’t you just love pearl drop earrings! Let us know your style to wear them in the comments. Check out our collection of pearl drop earrings at If you liked this blog  we have got several such others for you. Check out our social media handles and stay updated about the latest trends in the town. Here are our social media handles:




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