What to Look for in a Lab-grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Stephen J. Arias
3 Carat Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

What to look for in a lab-grown diamond engagement ring? Lab diamonds can be a good alternative to naturally-mined diamonds. They have the same chemical and physical properties but lab-grown diamonds are more affordable. Before buying it will be wise to be familiar with lab-grown diamonds so you will know which one to pick from the choice you will be offered.

What is a lab-grown diamond?

A lab-grown diamonds are diamonds that are created using carbon atoms that are crystallized under high temperature and high pressure. The natural manner of forming diamonds is imitated to be able to produce lab-grown diamonds. 

Are lab-grown diamonds good for engagement rings?

Lab-grown diamonds can be a good choice for engagement rings because:

They are more Affordable 

Lab-grown diamonds are usually 30% less than the price of naturally-mined diamonds. People who are practical and on a budget will opt for lab-grown diamonds since they can get bigger carats with their money. 

They look exactly like Naturally-mined Diamonds 

It is hard to tell naturally mined diamonds vs lab-grown diamonds because they look alike and they have the same chemical and physical properties. So opting for a lab-grown diamond on an engagement ring will not affect the appearance of the ring. The sparkle and brilliance will still be the same as that of naturally-mined diamonds.

They can Still Serve the Purpose

The main purpose of an engagement ring is to propose to someone whom you want to marry. Lab-grown engagement rings can still fulfill that purpose even if they are not naturally-mined diamonds. 

Can a jeweler tell if a diamond is lab-created?

Distinguishing a lab diamond is hard, even for the jewelers, physical tools such as a loupe, microscope, and magnifier may aid but not enough to truly tell if the diamond is lab-grown or naturally mined. The best way to tell is to have it be evaluated by a legit laboratory such as the Gemological Institute of America. This way they can use more accurate tools to check the properties of the diamonds. That’s why certificates are very relevant when checking the diamond’s authenticity. 

Why are lab-grown diamonds so expensive?

Despite not being naturally mined, lab diamonds have their own advantages too that’s why their pricing is still expensive:

Lab Diamonds are Becoming In Demand 

Since more and more people are going crazy the demands for lab-grown diamonds can fluctuate. In a time when it is in demand, they become pricey. Still, if the demand is not high they may be more affordable than natural mined diamonds their prices are still high. 

Lab Diamonds Are Graded 

Just like naturally mined diamonds, lab diamonds are graded. If their grades are high then they can be sold at a higher price. 

Are lab-grown diamonds flawless?

Since lab-grown diamonds are copied from the way naturally mined diamonds are made but only in different places, the chance of having inclusions is also possible. Lab diamonds can also have inclusions that can be formed during the process. 

What to Look for in a Lab-grown Diamond Engagement Ring?

When opting for lab-grown diamonds you would consider the following:

Check Their Certification 

It will be best to check on the certification of lab diamonds, so you can see their attributes. All diamonds whether they are naturally mined or lab-grown are issued with a certificate to prove their authenticity.  

Work Within a Budget

Working on a budget makes it easier for you to choose since you have a price range to follow. Lab grain diamonds are more affordable but they are still expensive so save up for that lab-grown diamond. 

Educate Yourself about Lab-grown Diamonds 

Research about lab-grown diamonds before buying one, so you know what to look for when purchasing. Plus you can understand more about them and be able to compare the differences between naturally mined diamonds 

Now that you have an idea of what to look for in a lab-grown diamond engagement ring, you can now start window shopping for one. Apply the tips and it will surely help you check on the lab diamond engagement ring you will be buying. Lab diamond engagement ring can be a practical choice and you can still impress your partner with it.  So buy that lab grown engagement ring but do your research first.

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