What Makeup Brands Make You Feel Nostalgic?

Stephen J. Arias

All the feels!

In the comments yesterday, Nina and I (hey, Nina!) were chatting about department store brands from back in the day. I got to thinking about all the beauty brands at the counters in the mall that make me feel nostalgic. I have so many good memories of walking into the New Park Mall in Newark and seeing all the gorgeous, glittering products displayed at Macy’s.

My favorites back then were Clinique, MAC and Prescriptives… Remember Prescriptives? I wore their foundation and powder for a couple years. I was all about their perfume Calyx, too.

I also liked popping by Origins for their body products and Estee Lauder for their perfumes.

When I think of Clinique, I remember the Clinique counter that was in the bookstore at my college in Davis. Yup, you could pop in for an organic chemistry book and pay for it at the Clinique counter just as long as you bought some makeup or skin care. I’d stock up on my favorites: a taupe pencil liner (I wish I could remember the name, ugh!), Black Honey lipstick (the OG), loose powder and a taupe eyeshadow called Fawn Satin.

If I wanted to grab lipstick or lip liner from MAC, I’d have to drive to Sacramento to the Arden Fair mall. I still remember the tiny little counter tucked in the corner and buying a tube of Paramount lipstick and Mahogany liner.

mac lipsticks at union square store
Hello, old friends.

Oh, and the perfumes! Goodness gracious. Estee Lauder Pleasures, Clinique Happy and MAC Turqoatic were my jams back in the day.

What makeup brands make you feel nostalgic? Please share in the comments.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Hope your week is going great so far. We’ve reached the hump. Friday is just around the corner, woo hoo!

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