What is the best Amazon FBA training program?

6 Best Amazon FBA Courses Reviewed By Actual Seller | Money Nomad

It is no secret that an increasing number of people are buying everything and everything online. Selling things online and on Amazon isn’t just for big companies; everyone can do it! But where do you begin? It is critical to have some form of seller education before selling things on Amazon, whether you watch free YouTube videos or invest in a structured online eCommerce school. You can discover a lot about Amazon FBA sellers from the below link:


Taking an FBA course might help you avoid costly mistakes such as investing in a crowded and competitive market or overstocking products. Learning from industry experts will shorten the learning curve; show you where to start and how to traverse each step, increasing your chances of success.

What is Amazon FBA, and is it worthwhile to learn about it?

Fulfillment by Amazon is a service provided by Amazon that handles inventory storage, order fulfillment, refunds, and customer service for Amazon third-party retailers. You may focus on other elements of your business while Amazon takes care of the logistics! This type of service would not have been available a few years ago, and it was far more difficult for entrepreneurs to create their online firms. 

Small and large sellers can use Amazon’s supply chain and built-in advertising network to build a successful eCommerce business from their own homes with Amazon’s FBA program. While eCommerce and Amazon selling have grown in popularity over the years, it is still worthwhile to learn if you seek a means to make money online.

Courses on Amazon that are recommended

Which Amazon FBA course is the best? That is dependent on the business strategy you wish to pursue. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to selling things on Amazon. You can use the private label approach to develop your own branded products, the wholesale model to buy branded things in quantity, or retail arbitrage to resell items from retail stores. While 67 percent of Amazon sellers opt for the private label business model, wholesale and arbitrage are still excellent ways to profit on the platform.


  • Jungle Scout Academy


Another thorough training program designed for you to pursue at your own pace is the Jungle Scout Academy. The on-demand video from Academy breaks down the fundamentals into bite-sized sessions. If you have a Jungle Scout subscription, you can only access Academy. The videos are shorter than Freedom Builder Bootcamp and teach the fundamentals.


  • Freedom Builder Bootcamp


Freedom Builder Bootcamp is a Jungle Scout course led by Greg Mercer, the company’s CEO and an 8-figure Amazon seller. It includes ten extensive courses totaling over 30 hours of video training, from getting started to advanced seller methods.

Final thoughts

Another extensive training program that you can do at your leisure is the Jungle Scout Academy. With bite-sized tutorials, Academy’s on-demand content lays down the essentials. If you have a Jungle Scout subscription, you can access Academy. Compared to Freedom Builder Bootcamp, the videos teach the requirements and are shorter.

If you want to master the fundamentals of selling on Amazon and cover all of your bases, invest in an Amazon FBA course. Good Amazon courses follow a step-by-step format and teach you everything you need to know about anything from product research and sourcing to advertising and scaling your business. They should also go through best practices and avoid frequent selling blunders.