The Greatest ’90s Fashion Trends We Are Still Loving

Stephen J. Arias

The 1990s fashion era had some of the most iconic styles, and now more than ever we are implementing some of the best trends a few decades on. Not only did the supermodels of the decade play a huge role in curating the infamous 90’s style trends, but the unique designers that rose to prominence back then created some of the statement fashion items that we are recreating today.

Anyone who grew up in the 90s will be aware of the most popular fashion trends such as chunky loafers, biker shorts, and brightly colored scrunchies. It is easy to overlook people’s styles today as we see so many new genres, but if you look closely enough there will be an element of 90’s fashion within many clothing ensembles you will see day-to-day. Here are some of our favorite 90’s fashion trends that you can start to implement in your current fashion choices-

Baggy Jeans90's buggy jeans

Anyone up-to-date with the latest fashion trends could have a pair of baggy jeans in their closet. The days of tight skinny jeans are behind us, and loosely fit jeans are now the way forwards. The 90’s extreme baggy jean trends may have at times been too extreme, and if you are wanting to keep your undergarments private we would recommend a boyfriend or mom jean fit. They are so classic, and comfy and are the perfect item to dress up or down depending on the occasion. Baggy jeans became popular in the 90s, and now they have once again reached peak popularity whilst continuing to rise.

Slip Dressesslip dress

Slip dresses are one of the most sultry and sought-after fashion pieces that have shot up to fame again recently. Famously worn by the stunning Halle Berry in 1995, slip dresses are back as a staple fashion piece you should include in your modern wardrobe. They are the ideal item for looking exceptional on a night out, or you can layer a slip dress with something more covered for daytime use. Layering is yet another trend we have repurposed from the 90s, and trying it out with a slip dress is a great place to start.


Scrunchies are not something to neglect, as we have seen them resurface for several years now. Not only can they level up any mundane outfit, but they are also a really useful and gentle accessory for your hair. If you are going to try to integrate e scrunchie into your lookbook, go one step further and use a silk scrunchie for the upgraded modern-day scrunchie option.

Cargo Pantscargo trousers

Combat Trousers are more commonly referred to as Cargo pants. If you didn’t have a pair of these to chuck on in the 90s then you simply were not cool. They are the comfiest and easiest to the style of the 90’s trends that have resurfaced, and the same premise reigns true as you need to have a pair of cargos to seem trendy today. The cargo is paired best with oversized trousers and a cropped t-shirt. You can find many styles of cargo from high-end luxury streetwear brands, and even fast fashion brands have made their lower quality versions.

Sheer Fabricslampart dress

Sheer fabrics first made their appearance on the ’90s most exclusive red carpets, and now the best of sheer styles have hit the high streets today. Despite their lack of material, they can add a luxurious feeling to any styled outfit. You can find sheer overshirts to pair with an under t-shirt. There is so much potential to style sheared shirts and dresses in the day-to-day, as you can leave as much or as little to the imagination as you want.

Top photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash.

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