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Stephen J. Arias

Pros of remote work

1) Productivity: You probably would be thinking… isn’t it productivity less while working from home? The answer is going to surprise you: no!  Airtasker surveyed 1,004 full-time employees – 505 of whom were remote employees – throughout the U.S. about their work habits and productivity. The results indicate that remote workers are actually more productive than their office-based counterparts. 

So that’s why is part of the pros! In the results of that survey, they discovered that remote workers actually work 1.4 more days per month. While remote workers might take more breaks, they are shorter than office ones. Which is why at the end of the day they might end up working more hours, therefore increasing productivity. 

2) Flexibility: Remote working gives space and freedom for employees to organize their days and schedules according to their goals and tasks.  Which, creates an independent environment for creating a workflow that accommodates to both their lifestyle and work goals. 

3) Multinational teams: one of the pros of working remotely is the opportunity to work with people all around the world. Your co worker can be living at the other side of the world. This way the team is rich with different perspectives and point of view from each employee coming from different background and culture. For a business it’s an opportunity to expand their team and hire someone who is the perfect fit for a specific role, while living on another country. 

4) Community: Since the remote workers are growing in size, it’s starting to build a community: the digital nomads, who have one thing in common: the lifestyle to travel the world while working from home. The community of digital nomads is growing and offers an opportunity for meeting new friends and travel with other remote workers. More and more  locations around the world are starting to be digital nomad friendly. You can find hostels with cheap offers for long visits, good wifi and many coffeeshops where you can work at. 

So, if your business is starting to shift towards a remote work model, this is a good sign for you. There’s a lot of opportunity and growth when it comes to remote working and according to different surveys and studies, it’s going to continue expanding even more.

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