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Swimsuits trends for 2022

Yeh, 2022 is coming and we all would like to look trendy and stylish not only in our regular life but also and especially on a vacation. Today I would like to share with you the major trends for swimsuits. Finally, after all those messy years we would get a chance to have a meaningful vacation and probably you’ve already had plans for summer beach.

So, I would be glad to help you to be camera-ready on a beach runway.


Cut-out one-piece swim suit

Hesitating, which swimsuit to choose? Go for a one-piece cutout at the waist! This is “two in one”: in fact, the swimsuit is one-piece, but due to the cutout it seems to be separate.

Cut out one piece swimsuits

Swimsuits with ruffles

Ruffles, frills and flounces can now be seen not only on dresses, blouses and skirts. This trend has made its way to swimwear, so at the shows in Miami, frills of all kinds and sizes adorned separate and one-piece swimsuits.

swimsuits with ruffles

Asymmetric one-piece swimsuits

Asymmetrical swimwear is back in fashion! Designers offer both separate “one-shoulder” models and one-piece options.


The most fashionable women’s swimwear 2022 – with prints! In addition to animalistic patterns, stripes, floral and rush motifs will also be popular.

Swimsuits with prints

To your question about where to buy, I would keep your eyes on one-piece swimsuits from LimeRicki.com there are all the trendy swimwear models for this season.

But do not think that beautiful and modest swimwear is only for skinny girls. They are not. In our store, we have plus-size swimwears, which will emphasize the beauty of the body.

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