Speed Testing Apps You Should Try Out!


We’re all aware of the signs of a choppy internet connection, unfortunately. When your files take forever to download, the episode you want to watch keeps buffering, the video call with your friend keeps lagging and your browser fails to load the web page you need. Your connection speed directly affects your online experience. To know what rates you’re receiving, putting your connection to test is a good move.

We’ve created the perfect guide for you to refer to, that explains what a speed test tells about your connection and the best speed testing apps you should try out for your connection.

What does A Speed Test Tell You?

An internet speed test explains how fast or slow your Wi-Fi connection is and if you’re getting the speed you paid for. From a speed test, you will find out about:

  • Latency

Latency refers to the time taken in milliseconds for a signal to travel back and forth from the remote server. Low latency means your internet connection is responsive and fast, which is important for seamless streaming and lag-free gaming. A higher latency rate or ping is a bad sign. The internet speed test will tell you all about the latency of your Wi-Fi connection.

  • Download speed

Download speed is the speed that measures how fast it takes for information to travel to your device from the internet. Streaming Netflix episodes or browsing social media are a few activities that depend on fast download speeds. Download speed is the speed that is advertised on internet plans, so you have a clear idea of how fast the data you request from the internet, reaches your device. It’s measured in Mbps.

  • Upload speed

Upload speed is the opposite of download speed. Instead of requesting information from the internet, the Wi-Fi connection’s upload speed matters when sending information to the internet, like uploading a photo on Facebook or video calling a friend. It’s also measured in Mbps, and the speed test calculates the speed in real-time, which may vary sometimes, depending on the time of day, traffic, and if you’re using Wi-Fi or a cellular internet connection.

How Does A Speed Test Work?

The speed test calculates the speed in real-time. When you run a speed test, the device ‘pings’ the nearest test server to actively initiate the run. The data is sent to your device from the server and your speed testing app measures how much data is downloaded and uploaded in a given time frame.

The Best Speed Testing Apps To Use!

  • Ookla Speedtest

Known as one of the most trusted speed testing apps available, Ookla Speedtest is a powerful platform that not only performs a regular speed test to measure download speed, upload speed, latency, and jitter, but also informs you about loading times, buffering, and video resolution with video tests! It allows you to view your entire speed testing history to understand your network performance over time plus gives you an in-depth look at the consistency of your Wi-Fi connection with real-time graphs.


V-SPEED is a mobile application that offers basic and advanced settings to its users. It comes with several configuration options and features some tools including a mobile signal detection tool and a Wi-Fi signal detection tool! It also allows the users to filter through the results to pick the right test servers!

  • Meteor

The Meteor speed test is capable of testing your internet connection over 3G, 4G, 5G, and Wi-Fi! You can run the test on different apps like Instagram, YouTube, etc., and check a detailed report of your internet performance over time!

To Wrap It Up

These speed testing apps are bound to simplify your life and boost your internet connection. Just download them with Spectrum’s fast internet speeds and run a connection test on your internet service. Get in touch with Spectrum’s customer service by dialing numero de spectrum and get your hands on the fastest internet speeds in your area!

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