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You have designed, casted, deburred and every other step but now it is time to polish your jewelry.

Brown Tripoli is fast cutting on all non-ferrous metals (aluminum, brass, copper, zinc and tin) and plastic. It also works good on gold and silver too. Great in removing oxidation, small pinholes and light scratches. Brown Tripoli compound will leave the surface with a semi shine, so most will follow with a rouge for a mirror finish.

For the large manufacturing company, we stock grease, dry and water soluble Tripoli bars.

Bobbing compound is used for fast, heavy cutting. Similar to Tripoli it will remove light scratches This formula adheres very well to buffs and will leave the surface ready for final finish with a rouge compound

Red Rouge is the ultimate finish for brass, copper, silver and gold. This rouge will provide a mirror finish but a cut down compound must be used first.

Green rouge provides a superior final finish on silver, gold, steel, stainless, platinum and chrome.

Fabulustre provides a high luster finish on all types of precious and decorative metals. Removes light scratches and provides a mirror finish. Works clean on all metals, especially good on steel, nickel and chrome. Also known as 921 White Diamond.

XXX White Diamond is a superior dry compound for cut and color on gold, silver, brass, copper and plastics.

Gray Star compound produces a uniform cut and works to a good shine on all metals. The benefit of using Grey Star is one operation of cut and shine in one step.

Green Zam produces a high luster for final finish. Can be used on precious metals and steel, stainless and plastics. Clean working, leaves little residue and also works well with non-ferrous metals.

Satin/Greaseless finish compounds can provide light or heavy lines. It is ideal for deburring, removing scratches or pits by polishing. It is also used to produce a semibright satin finish on everything from golf clubs to ladies compacts. Usually there is no need to clean. We stock 80, 120, 200, 240, 320 and 400 grit.

It is best to buy polishing compound from a supply company and not a big box store because those compounds tend to be a lower quality product. We can also answer questions about our compounds.

For best results, always use one buff and one compound, do not mix with another compound.

Don’t forget to follow safety precautions be starting.

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