Professional Hair and Beauty: Top 5 Must-Have Essentials

Stephen J. Arias
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If you are just starting out as a hair and beauty stylist, you probably already know that the competition is fierce. With so many talented professionals out there, it can be difficult to stand out. The first step to beating the competition is to arm yourself with the right supplies. Here are a few essential items that should feature in your professional beauty kit.

Variety of Hair Brushes and Combs

You probably already know this, but the hair brush you use should be chosen according to a number of factors, from the client’s hair type, the hairstyle they want and the sort of finish you want to achieve. Good quality hair brushes should be lightweight, and they should reduce static in the hair. Every stylist should have a volumizing radial brush, while paddle brushes are perfect when you need to style dry hair with no heat. In addition, you should also have a variety of combs made from heat-resistant material. Look for materials such as silicone, graphite and carbon fiber.

Disposable Makeup Tools

Disposable makeup tools may sound a bit wasteful, but in some areas of the professional world it can be a necessity. Although you should always make sure you practice your craft in a hygienic way, in this day and age reducing contamination is essential. Disposable tools are the quickest way to apply makeup hygienically. Efficient single serve tools include precut makeup sponges that provide an even application, tapered mascara brushes that can also be used to tidy unruly eyebrows, and eyeshadow applicators that offer good coverage. Furthermore, lip brush and lip gloss applicators and eyeliner brushes are also handy to have, as well as disposable capes. Stock up on hair & makeup supplies so that you don’t get caught out when working with clients.

Mixing Palette

A mixing palette is important for the times you can’t find the right shade of color for your client. Mixing palettes are excellent for incorporating different colored powders, blending creams, and just about any sort of creative makeup mixing. So long as you clean and sterilize your mixing palette between clients, it should last you a long time. Use loose pigments in different colors and a mixing medium to make unique creations that will impress clients.

Quality Set of Makeup Brushes

The quality of a makeup artist’s brushes can make a huge difference to the finished look. Using the face as a blank canvas, you need a high quality set of brushes to successfully ‘paint’ the client. A good set of makeup brushes can cost a lot of money but unlike cheap tools, they won’t hinder your makeup application skills. You will probably need at least two sets so that you always have brushes to use if one set needs time to dry after washing.

Ergonomic Carry Bag

A professional makeup bag should be ergonomically designed to keep your tools clean and tidy when not in use. Look for one that has multiple sections so that you can keep everything separate. Makeup tools that are well-maintained are more likely to last longer.

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