Outdoor Voices Sale 2022: Save Up to 80% on Some of Our Favorite Workout Gear

What’s that old saying: Where there’s a will, there’s an Outdoor Voices sale? (Okay, so that’s not exactly the saying—sue us.) But if you’ve got a will to get some tremendous fits off the next time you hit the gym, you’re in luck: boy, is there an Outdoors Voices sale going down right now. The brand behind some of the best stylish workout gear on the planet is trimming its inventory like it’s already tackling those New Year’s resolutions. At this very moment, Outdoor Voices is taking an additional 40% off already-discounted items in its OV Extra section, where you’ll find savings up to 80% off.

Not everything OV is designed for #DoingThings in the literal sense; plenty of our favorite pieces are made for lazy days spent splayed horizontally across the couch, in a position that suggests you might consider going to the gym at some point soon…but only after you rewatch the entire second season of The White Lotus. So with that in mind, we’d suggest at least fast-walking (if not outright sprinting) to see what the Outdoor Voices sale has in-store for you, before someone else nabs the last colorblocked fleece in your size.

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