Last-minute Techniques to Mitigate Post-purchase Dissonance This Holiday Season

Stephen J. Arias

Today’s customers have been spoiled by choices and have increased expectations on order deliveries to the extent that brands going out of their way to provide great experiences have become the bare minimum. 

One such expectation from customers is the ability to track their orders at all times. But imagine a scenario where the order’s current status hasn’t been updated or a supposed delay wasn’t informed. 

During times like the holiday season, 82% of the shoppers are worried about their orders NOT reaching them on time. Thus, even when everything is going alright, customers’ worries can end up affecting their delivery expectations.  

This can soon result in bad delivery experiences and cause customers to stop shopping with you without hesitation. 

So if you want to mitigate the impact of post-purchase dissonance, you have to start with being transparent with your order tracking, including delays. 

With post-purchase automation platforms such as, you can enable customers to track their orders at all times on your branded tracking page. Not just to keep your customers aware of their parcel status, you can plug your tracking pages with marketing campaigns to boost repeat sales, given that on average, a customer tracks their order 4-6 times.

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