Janelle Confirms Rumor That Daniele Bought Her BB7 Dress

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Big Brother 22: All-Stars’ Janelle Pierzina has confirmed the rumor that Daniele Donato purchased her BB7 finale dress to wear it at the BB8 finale.

Big Brother 22: All-Stars contestant Janelle Pierzina has confirmed the rumor that Daniele Donato purchased her BB7 finale dress to wear it at the BB8 finale. Before the fans got to know Daniele and her father Evel Dick on Big Brother 8, Janelle had already competed twice on the show: BB6 and BB7. A few years later, both Daniele and Janelle came back to the series for one more season. Daniele competed on BB13, where she met her now-husband Dominic Briones. In turn, Janelle was cast as one of the coaches on BB14. Unfortunately, neither of them made it very far during those seasons.

In 2020, Janelle and Daniele made Big Brother history by being cast on the series’ second All-Stars season: they are now the only two houseguests in history to have competed on the show in each of the three decades that it has been on the air: the 2000s, the 2010s, and the 2020s. With that said, their longstanding friendship didn’t click at all on BB22. Janelle tried to strategize with Kaysar and Memphis, while Daniele aligned herself with new-school players like Cody and Nicole Franzel. Unbeknownst to them while on All-stars, the fans had started a rumor involving the two of them.

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This rumor originated on Reddit while Janelle Pierzina and Daniele Donato Briones were both still competing on Big Brother: All-Stars. A fan posted side-by-side pictures of Janelle at the Big Brother 7 finale and Daniele at the Big Brother 8 finale. They were both wearing a very similar black dress. The caption read, “Fun fact: Dani bought Janelle’s finale night dress on ebay.. and wore it on her finale night.” This was nothing but a rumor originated on Reddit, but Janelle has now confirmed that it is true. In a tweet (seen below), Janelle confirmed that Daniele bought her All-Stars finale dress and wore it at her BB8 finale. When a fan asked if she was serious, Janelle replied confirming that she put the dress up for sale on eBay for charity, and Daniele purchased it.

At first, this certainly sounded like a wild rumor that wasn’t going to be clarified for as long as Janelle and Daniele survived on BB22. Daniele’s father, Evel Dick, even took to Twitter to say that this was extremely unlikely. First and foremost, Dick remarked on the fact that Dani was much shorter and skinnier than Janelle during that period of time. Dick also pointed out that Daniele was a 19-year-old waitress while they were on BB8, and wouldn’t have had the money to buy a dress like this on eBay. Alas, Janelle is now confirming this story.

One thing is certain: the Big Brother 22 season has been a lot crazier outside of the house than it has been inside of it. Now, the fans just have to wait for Daniele to be evicted so she can also chime in on what happened here.

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Big Brother 22: All-Stars airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 8pm EST on CBS.

Sources: Reddit, Janelle’s Twitter, Evel Dick’s Twitter

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