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The trend of chokers was very trendy just some years ago. The trend of wearing chokers started back in the 90’s and found its way into the modern day world. Chokers never go out of style. With an overwhelming variety of chokers available in the market today it is becoming quite confusing to wear the right type of choker with the right outfit. The best part about chokers is that you can get them in a simple minimalistic style or go for a little fancy sparkling choker around your neck to get a chic look. Bottom line is, no matter what the occasion is there is always a choker waiting for you out there

We sorted out a little list for you to know the right way to match and wear a choker according to your outfit. Here it is.

Delicate & Minimalistic Choker


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A delicate minimalist choker can be worn everyday with your regular outfits as it looks dainty and elegant and will give your outfit a twist of elegance and uniqueness. The best part about these chokers is that they go with most of your outfits that sit in your closet. You can simply throw on a T-shirt and a rugged pair of jeans and rock it with a small choker and look like a total fashionista. You can also go for more detailed yet subtle pieces of choker. Pair them with a pair of stud earrings and you are ready to rock.


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If you are into necklaces this choker option is the best for you. Put on your favourite pendant with these chokers. There are so many varieties of pendants to choose from. You can either go for a small dainty pendant or a chunky statement pendant. You can express  yourself easily by selecting a choker with a talisman that represents you & your personality.


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This look is trendy nowadays. The mixing up of different jewellery to make something new altogether is quite popular these days. This experimentation of jewellery can give a new look whole together. Use your imagination and create yourself a unique combination of long necklace and chokers. If you have one of those plain balck simple chokers then definitely you will be able to achieve a distinct look with a long necklace. Get some inspiration from online pictures and mix and match until you are satisfied.

Festive & Bohemian Influenced


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The boho choker is still very hot right now even though summer is over. There are so many events and festivals coming up and if you are not putting on this choker you are falling back in the game. These chokers are not only pretty but also look very distinct from others. Put on this choker on a flowy white dress paired with long earrings and you have yourself a boho chic look. This look is very casual and will surely turn some heads around. 

The Work Appropriate

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Oh we do understand that most of the days you are working in offices the entire day. But that doesn’t mean you can’t fashion up!

The office appropriate chokers are the best for you. Choose a simple plain black choker, nothing fancy. These can look very elegant & classy and not loud at the same time. Wearing chokers on your regular work outfits can make you look like the boss lady that you are!

There you have it girls. Yet another guide to follow to dress up perfectly no matter what the occasion is. Check out our collection at for cool new inexpensive jewellery. If you like this blog you would surely love our other blogs. Check us out our social media handles for the latest trends. Here are the links




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