How to Style Bootcut Jeans: 20 Bootcut Jeans Outfit Ideas for Women

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what to wear with bootcut jeans for women How to Style Bootcut Jeans: 20 Bootcut Jeans Outfit Ideas for Women

What to wear with bootcut jeans

How to style bootcut jeans for women is the big question right now, as the major fashion forecasters all seem to agree that bootcut jeans will be the most popular this year! The classic bootcut jean is very, ‘wearable’, and that means it suits lots of different body shapes and isn’t an extreme style that only trendy, slim young women can wear.

how to style bootcut jeans with trendy new tops fashion colors herstylecode How to Style Bootcut Jeans: 20 Bootcut Jeans Outfit Ideas for Women

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Flares and bell-bottoms are popular with high-fashion fans, but the flare on the bootcut is much more subtle and looks totally chic with shoes and boots. And bootcut jeans can be matched with so many different styles that you can wear them in the office, outdoors in the snowy winter weather and all through the spring and summer.

Bootcut Jeans with Graphic tee-shirts

Inspiration: AKM-GSI via people stylewatch
Inspiration: AKM-GSI via people stylewatch


The quantity and quality of graphic tees has increased tremendously during the last year or two. And that’s because women want to copy the previously male look of a graphic tee-shirt and ripped bootcut jeans. Instead of sparkles, single words, or worse still, the designer’s name across your chest, you need to be sporting one of these interesting twists on the staple t-shirt. The range is huge these days, from vintage Mickey Mouse images, to a new range from the Looney Tunes cartoon company, which has made some fun Tom and Jerry tees.

But you can also send a message about ‘green’ issues, your favorite band, and lots of random logos and images to suit every taste. Just wear with high-waisted, bootcut jeans fully tucked-in and then pulled up a little to make the blouson shape and you’ll love how much slimmer your waist looks. Add wedge shoes or sandals and a cross body handbag in a bright color and that’s a fabulous, fashionable look! Biker style outfits can be put together in seconds, with a black leather jacket worn over a cropped top or graphic tee with light or medium blue bootcuts and a black, brimmed hat.

Authentic 1970s Outfits

bootcut jeans Authentic 1970s Outfits

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Here’s a super-chic 1970’s look you can put together yourself. Start with black mid-rise bootcut jeans and a ribbed short-sleeved black turtleneck top. Add a medium wide black belt, with a special buckle decoration, like a snake to add personality. Then wear kitten-heel, black or tan ankle boots in suede, for texture and Ace-of-Spades stud earrings by ‘Kate’. Add a black handbag and finish off with a fabulous tan suede blazer-jacket! You can’t beat the combination of black and rich tan for a smart look.

If you fancy yourself as a 70’s retro-chick, try a printed red front-know tee-shirt that will look fantastic with black bootcuts, wedge or platform sandals and a wide-brimmed hat. For a Boho vibe, wear a vintage hippy black, wide-brimmed hat, with a charcoal T-shirt, platform sandals and a small shoulder bag. Match with dark-navy bootcuts and round-frame sunglasses. Looking forward to summer, you’ll be wearing floral blouses and shirts topped off with a Boho, vintage, hippy, black floppy hat for a cute look with your jeans!

Bootcut Jeans Classic style

Shayla Bootcut Jeans | Jeans outfit winter, Fashion, Flare jeans outfit
Shayla Bootcut Jeans


This simple look is perfect for every day wear when you’re meeting friends for a coffee or shopping. Wear bootcut jeans in a medium blue wash with a pale blue or white, embroidered top and heeled shoes with a closed-toe. Add a clutch bag and strut your trendy stuff in a soft, feminine and casual look! White or cream lace tops are already in the stores, ready for summer and they look very pretty and feminine with slouchy bootcut pants.

If you’re wearing a simple white T-shirt tucked inside dark-navy bootcuts, add some extra pizazz with a straw Fedora hat. Cream V-neck blouses, sweaters and cardigans look great with dark bootcut jeans. Lavender, purple and green are key colors this year, too, so try a purple or green tunic blouse with a narrow black belt. This is a perfect style choice for plus-sized fashion fans.

Wearing bootcuts for work


Bootcut jeans aren’t all blue denim and you can find jeans in all shades of brown, tan, cream, beige, sand and khaki this year. So for work leave the blue denim at home and wear smarter looking medium-beige bootcuts cropped to finish just above the ankle bone, and with a fashionable high waist. The high-waist adds length to your legs, and this compensates for the shorter cropped style.

If you can find them, wear plaid bootcuts and add a pretty, peplum blouse in cream for summer wear, finished off with ‘nude’ pointed loafers. This outfit is suitable for work and for meeting clients, with a stylish professional look. And if you need a jacket, choose a neutral beige blazer-style plus a small handbag and minimal jewelry. Just a black sweater over a fabulous red tartan shirt will bring a lively, winter look to blue bootcut jeans.

Cropped bootcut jeans

Le Pixie cropped high-rise bootcut jeans
net-a-porter – Le Pixie cropped high-rise bootcut jeans – buy now

Cropped bootcuts are extremely cute, if you know how to style them correctly. So choose black or dark-navy denim with a high waist and add medium to high heels to add length to your legs. Go for a bright, mustard fine-knit or tee-shirt top and add a blazer in tweed, marbled or plain color. You can also wear any black leather or fabric jacket with this outfit. Wear red lipstick as it really goes well with mustard yellow and accessorize with a small shoulder bag and mismatched gold earrings.

Cropped bootcut outfit ideas for spring
Cropped bootcut outfit ideas for spring

“Cropped flare or bootcut jeans are more “in” now than they ever have been.” Fashion blogger Maggie said.

A green-black tartan flannel shirt will look great with a green sweater or short cardigan for a warm, but not covered up by a coat, outfit to show off your new bootcuts. Gray’s a major color for this year, so a dark gray, ribbed-knit jumper tucked into black, bootcut jeans is another fashionable outfit that’s simple and practical. And a light red tunic blouse looks feminine paired with a brimmed hat and black bootcuts.

Curvy women can wear bootcut styles with a longer top and a narrow belt to emphasize your lovely hourglass shape. But you should avoid cropped styles and go for full length jeans that cover your shoes and add ‘length’ to your legs.

Casual lunch outfit

Simple, but with a contemporary twist is the basis of this casual look. So wear mid-waisted jeans in medium-blue and a white top. The top should be a sleeveless cotton blouse with a special embellishment which could be embroidery, a broderie anglaise scalloped hem, bows on top of the shoulder straps or something similar.

If you can’t find what you need, sew bows or a bit of lace on yourself. And if you want to re-use your own white tees, sew a line of buttons around the hemline about a couple of inches above the hem and around the neckline. Light brown boots or closed-toe heeled shoes will emphasize your leg length. And add interest with a narrow tan, white or blue belt and eye-catching, large earrings plus bracelets.

Embroidered bootcut jeans

Embroidered Bootcut Jeans in Denim Blue | VENUS
Embroidered Bootcut Jeans in Denim Blue | VENUS

And if you like the embroidered jeans vibe, there are some bootcut jeans with fabulous embroidery on the legs. They look super with blouson Bardot, shoulder baring tops in summer and make you really stand out from the crowd. It’s a romantic, super-cute look to wear either to get a date, or to go on a date. Very feminine, for guys who aren’t into gals in engineer boots!

MOTHER Jeans | Mother Embroidered Bootcut Jeans | Poshmark
MOTHER Jeans | Mother Embroidered Bootcut Jeans | Poshmark

A white sweater covered by a white, long cardigan with a faux fur border is also a girly and bright for cool days in your new jeans.

Warm business-casual bootcut ensemble

We are still in the grip of some pretty cold weather, so this is a great look in a trendy gray turtleneck top and dark navy bootcuts. The contrast between a fine-knit gray top and navy bootcuts is always chic and attractive. Add black pumps, or ankle boots with heels to keep your feet warm and a gray plaid blazer to complete a super business casual outfit that’s bound to impress. Finish off with low-key bracelets and a warmer colored lipstick than usual, to add touches of color to your overall look.

Some long coats are dull colors this winter, like olive green, so why not wear a long stylish trench-coat left open to flaunt your bootcut jeans, or a trendy tan lambskin coat, with a warm hat and a plaid scarf.

Bootcuts as smart-casual work wear

how to style bootcut jeans with trendy new tops fashion colors herstylecode 4 How to Style Bootcut Jeans: 20 Bootcut Jeans Outfit Ideas for Women


Bootcut jeans are much more acceptable as office wear than skinny jeans, which some employers feel are a bit of a distraction to other colleagues. So you’ll get plenty of wear out of a good pair of bootcuts, with a high waist. For a suitably professional look, wear with a streamlined-cut buttoned shirt in a plain, neutral shade such as sand, cream, khaki or a soft pastel color like blue, pink, lavender or green.

Tuck in your shirt to show off your waist and finish off with heeled or wedge shoes, or ankle-boots with a heel. If you need a cardigan, choose from one of the gorgeous pastel colored short cardigans specially designed to wear with high waist jeans! Tartan blazers are super-cool and paired with a black and white striped, tucked-in top; make a fabulously contemporary bootcut ensemble.

Cute business-meeting wear


FALL BUSINESS CASUAL OUTFIT – Karen, a 30-something working gal, living in Houston.

Bootcut jeans add visual width to the bottom third of your silhouette and if you are a narrow shape above the waist, you can balance out your shape by wearing sweater, cardigan blouse or jacket that adds width. For example, puffy sleeved blouses and shirts are specially designed to be worn with wider leg jeans. And short sweaters, and waist-length cardigans, especially with puffy sleeves, are also the way to get good proportions with wider jeans.

Always try to wear platforms if you aren’t very tall, as you’ll need the extra inches to prevent your legs appearing too short. For a cute look for work, choose dark-blue bootcuts without any rips or tears. Add a classic polka-dot or floral blouse and try wearing another, plain, neutral colored blouse on top, but unbuttoned. This adds a fun vibe to your look with a light-jacket made from a blouse and you get a more balanced outline!

Distressed bootcut jeans with brown tops

What to Wear With Bootcut Jeans | Bootleg jeans outfit, Jeans outfit casual, Bootcut jeans outfit
What to Wear With Bootcut Jeans | Bootleg jeans outfit, Jeans outfit casual, Bootcut jeans outfit


There are plenty of distressed bootcut jeans about, too. These are different from outright rips and open cuts, and the fabric is damaged so it doesn’t have holes, but is thinned out and looks white. This creates a nice contrast with blue denim. So for a very contemporary look match these bootcuts with shades of light-brown, as brown pants and tops in neutral earth colors are a huge trend for this year.

Look out for a light-brown blouse with large or small polka dots in black, and wear it not tucked in for a casual look. Add a hip-length, light-brown, scooped neck cardigan, left open and a matching light-brown buckle belt to add a ‘put together’ bonus. And finish off with a brown tote bag and beige shoes! It’s casual, trendy and well matched.

So I think there’s something for everyone in this year’s flattering boot-cut jeans, and loads of lovely new colors and top-styles to keep us looking fresh, slouchy, smart and different from before!

how to style bootcut jeans herstylecode How to Style Bootcut Jeans: 20 Bootcut Jeans Outfit Ideas for Women

Peyton High Rise Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans outfit by Jeanie Monika
Bootcut jeans outfit by Jeanie Monika

Bootcut jeans outfit by Jeanie Monika

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