How to Make a Good Impression on The First Date Like a Lady

Stephen J. Arias

If you are looking to be in a committed relationship with a great guy, then you need to make a good impression on the first date. Making a good impression is not difficult; some of the tips are common sense. You will learn about the other dos below:

Get the right date

You should not just go on a date with everybody or random people. Before going on a date with a person, you should have been observing the person for some time or even had the opportunity to directly relate with them. This could be in class, social events or other opportunities that brings you together. These will help you know if you want to date them as well as who they are. You can also read dating apps reviews for dating platforms such as Ivrose. Dating platforms help you meet people based on your preference and also helps you start discussion to know each other a bit before you finally meet.

Suggest going to an event, concert, etc.

One of the things that keeps a man interested in a woman is her ability to keep up conversations and not be boring. On the first date, you do not want to create a bad impression for yourself. First dates are not only meant for determining if your souls tie with each other, or if you can rely on the chemistry. All of these discussions may not take much time, but if you are in a cinema, concert, museum, etc., you will find other things to talk about and pay attention to together.

Be broad-minded

Talking about your work as a lady makes you less interesting . as much as possible, try not to swing the mood of the atmosphere on the date to your career alone. You can talk about how important your work is to you,  but you should never let the other person feel that you prefer being at work than being with them. Increase your knowledge. There are many things to know. When you talk about a multitude of subjects, your date will see you as a well-informed person and enjoy your company more. You both will enjoy the time spent together. However, be careful not to dominate the conversation. Allow your date to talk too.

Do not dump your problems on your date

It is wrong for you to share your flaws with your date the first time. You should wait till you are sure that they are deeply interested in you before you say such. Besides, someone who is interested in you would have noticed your flaws over time. Your date is not your therapist or problem solver. You are on a date to have fun and to check the overall compatibility of the person. Focus on having a good time with your date, and do not ruin the day for them.

Do not forget to be logical about your decisions as well

On a first date, though physical features such as chemistry, status, money, appearance, etc. may be attractive to you, you should not let them influence your decisions. A time will come when you will need more support and emotional intelligence than a lean and tall muscular-framed man. Before you choose your spouse, you should have drawn up an assessment list. This list will help you in applying your head on any date you find yourself in. Use what you want in a man to measure your date. If they fail, move on with your life.

Be a better communicator

To connect with anyone, you need to understand their communication needs and satisfy them. You cannot build a relationship with strong faulty communication. You may need to learn how to listen to other people and understand them before you make decisions. No one feels wanted if they are not properly understood or if you cannot listen to them without interrupting their words. Communication is very vital in a relationship, and if you are poor in it, you need to develop it.

Prepare for rejection

It is a big blow when you have put so many efforts into the first date and your expectations are high, only to have the guy dump you. For you, such a loss is major and it is no sin to grieve over it. however, you should move on and find another person. As much as you prepare for an awesome date, you should also prepare for rejection because it can happen to you. Do not stay too long on the abandonment waves.

Indicate if you would like to go out again

Even though you should not be too forward as a lady, let the person know that you enjoyed their company and would like to go out again. You could send them a follow-up note after the date. Be honest about what you are doing. If you don’t like to go out with them again, don’t force yourself to. However, ensure it is mutual. If it is not, do not go about wondering why it is not. Thank the person, cherish the memory, and continue with your life. You should always strive to make dating pleasurable and functional at the same time.

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