Custom Masonic Ring

Freemasonry has existed for centuries and uses symbols from its origins in the art of building, such as the square and compas that are the most emblematic symbols of freemasonry around the world.

These are the basic tools of the builders of the ancient time, when the freemasonry emerged back in the 13th century in England.

It should be noted that these symbols are also shared with the companions of duty and other workers’ guilds around the world, which let us understand the impact freemasonry had beyong its inner circle.

It is therefore normal to see on most masonic rings these symbols reproduced in the form of engravings or moldings.

In the case of the project presented here, it is an 18-karats white-gold Freemason ring surmounted by a natural onyx stone receiving in its center the square and the 18-karats yellow gold compass.

gold masonic ring with black onyx

Freemason ring made in 18 carat white and yellow gold, via our custom-made ring creation service

Here are a few examples of other masonic ring designs custom made in our workshop:

custom masonic ring made of 18k yellow gold customized masonic ring design in gold

Freemason custom ring design

As a freemason, our client wished to get a unique freemason ring design no one was already wearing on this finger. He wanted a massive ring, with large parts enabling a unique personnalization of his ring.

He was therefore interested by a ring of ours he wanted to modify in a unique manner, this large doble headed eagle ring from our signet rings collection.

gold eagle signet ring

Large diamond eagle ring that inspired our client for the creation of a unique customized masonic ring

Following the request of our client, we designed a new CAD model of the ring, removing all the diamonds from the shank, adding initials and crosses instead. We also removed the large gold plate on the upper plate to replace it by a large black onyx stone carved and surmounted by a large Masonic symbols in yellow 18k gold.


Here you can see the result of our modelization of his dreamed ring design.

custom masonic gold ring made on demand

Renderized views of the masonic ring project before starting the making of the ring

Once the client could validate the design, being in accordance to his needs, we could start the making of such a massive ring.

Making of the shank and gold masonic symbols

From the CAD making of the ring made previously, we can start the 3D printing of the differnt parts of our ring project. While the ring size is US 9, the ring’s part are quire big because of the ring’s design with a total gold weight of 15 grams once the ring will be finished.

3d printed parts of masonic custom ring

 View of the 3D printed resin parts of the ring previously to the casting process

We use these parts to make a 18k gold casting using the lost-wax casting process, this process is know to mankind since thousands of years. So we obtain exactly the same parts as printed, made of 18k white and yellow gold.

casting of masonic custom ring parts

View of our casting rod with two white gold ring shanks seen rough from casting

white gold masonic ring rough from casting

Detail view of the engravings on the ring shank made of 18 white gold

masonic symbols in yellow gold

Masonic symbol in 18 karat yellow gold after the casting process and before detailing it properly to make a better separation between the square and the compas

two parts of the ring body of the masonic ring

View of the white gold ring shank and the yellow gold inner ring cast for this freemason ring project

Once the pieces are cast in gold, we need to deburr them and pre-polish them to start their assembly by welding.

gold ring parts welded together

Here is a detail view of the shank assembled with the inner ring while on the right you can see the detailed square and compas masonic symbol

At this point, we need the onyx stone to continue making the ring.

Custom Carving of the Onyx Stone 

While this custom ring is a large project, heavy and with many parts, the carving of the black onyx stone is by far the most complex step for this project. Black onyx is quite an affordable gemstone, but the carving of such a large and complex cabochon made this part the one we spend the most time on.

onxy stone carving

Here you have an idea of the complex geometry of the onyx stone required for the ring, complex and beautiful, in line with the masonery spirit

As the onyx cabochon need to insert perfectly in the upper part of the shank, we couldn’t rely on a stone cutter from the outside and we had to carv this stone in-house to adjust it perfectly to the ring.

We start the carving from a large block of natural black onyx rough, cut with a diamond disc and water. You can see here after all the steps that transformed a rough onyx piece of stone into a complex and perfect piece for our ring project.

cutting a rough onyx stone

The onyx stone is fragile, it must be cooled when it is cut to prevent it from breaking because of excess of heat

We obtain a piece that is reworked by successive cuts so as to gradually give it the shape of a rounded cross.

onyx cutting process

View of the stone mounted on a wodden support with jeweler’s wax to rework the contours of the stone

Then, various steps of filing the stone with smoother grips allow us to obtain a nice shiny black surface for the onyx stone.

sanding the onyx stone with sandpaperHere you can see the grip glued to a flat piece of wood and the stone glued the the wooden stick. The upper curve of the cabochon is made by hand with this method.

shaping the onyx stone step by step

The onyx stone being polished to give it its convex curvature

onyx stone finished after polishing

Finished stone after polishing whre you can appreciate the luster and the upper curve of the cabochon

The stone is then perforated with two small holes in which are mounted and glued the lugs of the Masonic symbol.

Here is a video summary of the different steps of the size of the onyx cabochon:

Following the final polishing of the ring, we can appreciate the result of the work done:

gold masonic custom ring

The custom masonic ring seen from different perspectives

internal view of a masonic ring

gold masonic ring wore on finger

 While the ring size of the ring is average, the ring is large and very visible on the finger, with a total weight of 15 grams in 18k gold


Here are more projects of jewelry in relation with the freemason or showing a similiar work with customized religious rings:


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