Brennan Clost’s Dream Role — MEN’S FASHION POST

Stephen J. Arias

Favorite line or piece of dialogue?

Yeah. I think, sort of like this one. This phrase became such a catch phrase on set and I actually ended up making a wrap gift. I got custom t-shirts made with this line printed on the shirt and it’s from episode one when Shane drops Bette and he says, “Lordy fuck,” and lordy fuck has just become the catchphrase on our show. You can use it in so many different contexts and it’s a line that I remember first reaidng to our showrunner and it’s like, “Do people say that?” Sydney was like, “No, I made it up,” and I really worked on it to make it feel real when it came out of my mouth, that Shane really would in the way that all of us would slam our foot on the edge of the couch, we’d just yell out, “Lordy fuck.” For it to feel real and not like this funny TV line. It’s hard to do and so it’s really… That line, I love. It will forever be one of my favorites from the show.

What would you like for your next role to be?

I always have wanted to play a superhero and I think my dance background would help a lot with a role like that because they are often so physical and so have a lot of stunt work and you have to be an athlete to play a superhero on camera. I would love to join the DC or the Marvel universe and either a new character or a new iteration or a remake. I don’t really have a particular character though, but yeah a superhero. I’ve always thought like, “Oh, that’d be a really fun role to do in the future,” and wouldn’t necessarily be dance related, but I could use my dance background in that sort of a role.

A young actor who was quickly catapulted into his dream role can truly enjoy the rest of his career. He can check off that of the list and have a pleasant experience here on out. We are excited to see how well Tiny Pretty Things continues to do and hopefully, a 2nd season comes in the near future. Keep up with Brennan and follow him on his socials.

Photography by Karolina Kuras

Fashion by Shea Hurley

Fashion Assistant Jonah Solomon

Grooming by Aniya Nandy

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