Black Friday Marketing Ideas for Your Salon Business

Are you a huge fan of sales and discounts?

I’m too!!

And guess what!! It’s Black Friday Month!!

This day comes with enormous opportunities for businesses to generate revenue and customers to save on deals. 

Do you own a salon business? Were your sales throughout the year a bit less? Don’t worry!! It will not look the same by the end of the year. Black Friday is the ideal occasion to enhance your beauty business sales and conversions. The stats say businesses on 2021’s Black Friday earned $30-$40 billion in revenue. Even the Shoppers spent around $8.9 billion. So, it is clear to focus on making the most out of this day in the year 2022. 

I would personally recommend counting on the implementation of loyalty programs, running paid ads, and promoting offers on social media. This way, you will not push the customers and retain them. 

Besides, a successful strategy to make the most out of Salon Black Friday deals is to engage consumers by hosting events. Also, assuring freebies will convince them to spend more. 

So, let us begin covering the powerful Black Friday marketing tactics you can implement to boost your November ROI. 

Tips for Effective Black Friday Salon Deals Marketing 

#1. Market Black Friday Deals on Your Social Media

Market Black Friday Deals on Your Social Media

Social media is the communication medium between businesses, their existing customers, and potential clients. So, promote all your discounted goods or services on your salon’s social media platforms. 

Emphasize spreading the word about this contractual bonus and limited offer. Thus, creating a sense of urgency. You can do this by adding the sale info on Facebook or Instagram stories. Go live on social media channels to promote the discount time and what beauty services or goods it will include. Besides, you can create and share posts consistently regarding beauty tips, services offered in your salon, and so on. These tricks will help you to Boost Your Salon Social Media Presence.

Additionally, you can include the purchase methods given below. 

  • Book online and pay on the phone
  • Shop products online

I would advise posting at least a week before to attract organic traffic.

#2. Run Paid Marketing Advertisements

Run Paid Marketing Advertisements

Investing in paid advertisements can help market the deals and discounts in peak times and on short notice. It demands less effort. 

You might be wondering about it as an expensive idea. But did you ever think that even after offering valuable services and quality products, how many individuals are familiar with your salon?

So, you have to spread brand awareness and showcase the worthiness of your beauty business. And when it comes to attracting customers on Black Friday, nothing can be better than promoting on social media and investing in advertisements.  

#3. Offer Beauty Business Giveaway

Offer Beauty Business Giveaway

Running online contests or giving freebies are effective in raising brand exposure and followers. You can consider hosting a Black Friday salon giveaway. I bet people won’t have any choice but to visit your salon. Furthermore, great content will be added to your site convincing people to consider your business again for Christmas or New Year deals. Isn’t it great!!

#4. Invest in a Salon Software

Invest in a Salon Software

The most common challenge customers face during peak times and sales are appointment booking. They mostly prefer abandoning the site if the booking process is long and unusual. 

Here, your business can invest in an appointment scheduling software like Salonist. It comes with an online appointment booking feature. You can simply generate a link for it and post it on the social media bio. This way, you can reach as many as potential customers and enable them to schedule the bookings in advance.

Besides, you can get detailed insights into how much traffic you are about to see. So, staff management and resource allocation become easy. Thus, saving you from facing any hassles, and out-of-stock products on the spot. 

#5. Use Email Marketing

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is another way to inform your existing and target audience about your Black Friday salon specials. It will assure your customers stay by you during the sale season. 

Also, Salon software like Salonist helps send personalized email messages to a wide audience instead of sending them individually. This way, informing them about the packages, salon updates, and special deals will be much easier and time-saving. 

#6. Utilize Referral Marketing

Utilize Referral Marketing

You might be aware of the power of referral marketing and how it can benefit your beauty brand. The best thing is you can promote your Black Friday salon deals by sending referral codes to all the subscribers. In return, offer them incentives, bonuses, and additional discounts. This will not only retain the existing clients but will attract new ones. Thus, showing gratitude and value to your loyal consumers.   

#7. Entice Customer With Last-Minute Black Friday Salon Specials

Entice Customer With Last-Minute

Creating content that shows urgency and makes customers excited about Black Friday deals is essential. This marketing tactic will grab the customer’s attention and make the customer take the required action. 

All the emails in their box with limited-time deals are always noticed as a priority. Thus, making them take the leverage from salon Black Friday sale deals offered by you. 

#8. Amaze Clients With Gift Cards

Amaze Clients With Gift Cards

If you have started planning for Black Friday Marketing, you can utilize the tactic of printing Black Friday gift cards and giving them to your customers. It will cover all the discounts and deals they can avail of in November. Also, you can keep a deal for customers like purchasing the gift card within a specific time of the day, and can reward them with a freebie or additional service. 

Get Ready for Cash Flow This Black Friday

So, pen down this year’s Black Friday Date: 25th November 2022. People are expecting good deals and want to shop. Give them reasons to shop with your beauty business. Bring down the limited and best-of-all promos and offers. Run the exciting packages and leave your customers with no choice but to shop. Besides, implement all these above-shared creative ideas to spruce up your ROI in November. In addition, rely on Salonist for hassle-free appointments and modernize the scheduling. 

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