An unforgettable 16th birthday!

Stephen J. Arias

Celebrating birthdays is always a special occasion, especially for a sweet 16. One wants to celebrate this momentous milestone in a teenager’s life by purchasing the perfect gift. Reading reviews about toys like a splatter ball gun or the latest released games to find the ideal gift will help one decide on making an excellent purchase. Teenagers are already going through hormonal changes, friendship changes, trying to figure out who they are, and becoming more self-conscious. Thus it is essential for the teen to look the part, so taking time to look at different 16th birthday outfit ideas is just as important as the gift.

Gifts ideas to impress any teen

The first idea that hops to mind is an electronic device like a cellphone, tablet, laptop, or music player. Should parents not want to jump on this bandwagon, a splatter ball gun is one example of a toy the teens may like. It is a plastic toy gun that stimulates the shooting of bullets. However, the ‘bullets’ being shot out are balls containing water that break on impact, hence the name splat balls. The splatter ball gun encourages children, big or small, to move away from electronic devices and play outdoors. Encouraging playing outdoors is also an ideal way to promote exercise. Companies are creating new and improved versions of the splatter gun, including SplatRball SRB1200, Ladinwu Electric Uzi Gel Ball Blaster with 10800 Gel Balls, and the Anstey Electric with Gel Ball Blaster AEG AKM-47. It is known for its unique design and high quality. Additional accessories like charging USB cables and protective glasses come with this purchase. Should one’s teen be on the less active side of life, purchasing a video gaming console or new video game may be just what is needed. Tickets to an up-and-coming concert may also make the ideal gift.  In addition, jewelry organizers or special jewelry items are lovely gifts to mark this milestone.

Dress to impress at the party

Once the gift is sorted, looking for an outfit to wear is a top priority. 16 is the teenage year when one is no longer a child but not yet an adult. Outfits should accentuate one’s curves, so outfits cinched at the waist are ideal. Girls should wear strapless dresses, and high heels are perfect. For boys, simple jeans and a nice bright shirt will attract the eyes. Teenagers must have a chance to experiment with their sense of style. 

Bring it all together.

As one can deduce, not only does the food, music, entertainment, and decorations make the party, but the clothing and gift also play an essential role. Perhaps choose a theme to add to the excitement of the party or one of the popular photo booths. However, remember that once the balloons are blown up, the tables are set, and the music is playing, the essential part of any teenager’s birthday is to have fun with friends!

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