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With the arrival of winter, many of us may spot changes in our skin. Winters can cause numerous skin problems like dry, cracked, itchy, and flaky skin resulting in dull complexion and redness. As cold winter approaches, blood circulation reduces, and capillaries get enlarged, causing severe skin problems. The constant dry skin makes us rethink our daily makeup routine. Some winter makeup tips are needed to be included to make our best appearance during this weather,


You must stick to a regular skincare regime during this season to prevent the skin from any kind of damage and infection and stay beautiful and evergreen even during the harsh winters.

It’s the dream of every woman to have soft, smooth, and glowy skin that feels good to the touch and to make it feel hydrated and nourished. You must switch your skincare to a good moisturiser and serum. Moisturiser will promote nourishment and good blood circulation resulting in fresh and healthy glowing skin.  You can also boost your skin health with homemade winter skincare tips: Homemade packs for dry skin in winters

Winter Makeup Tips

Also, cold and bleak temperatures cause skin conditions like eczema, xerosis, etc. Therefore, knowing the proper techniques for applying and doing makeup this winter season is indispensable to make it look refreshed and radiant.

Six such winter makeup tips are listed below to make you keep glowing this season:

Apply an oil-based moisturizer

A thick, nourishing moisturizer is always good for your skin health, especially during cold winters when the skin becomes dehydrated. Before starting with makeup, a good hydrating moisturizer massage all over your face and neck can help you achieve a glowing complexion. You can also apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Make sure to moisturize the face when it’s damp after showering because it’s the actual time to give the washed skin much-needed care.

Use the suitable primer

Choosing the suitable primer can be difficult, but always go for the luminous primer instead of the matte one because it can help boost the skin glow. Applying the primer will add another layer of hydration to your epidermis. Also, a suitable primer can help you achieve an even finish of makeup and enhance the shine. Primer enhances makeup coverage, hydrates the skin, creates a smoothing effect, and helps keep the makeup for a long time.

Switch to a dewy finish foundation

Flaky skin can lead to a patchy and uneven makeup finish. The makeup might result in getting a bit cakey. But applying a dewy and creamy finish foundation can act as a good base that will glide smoothly all over the face and help retain moisture for long hours. If you do not like the dewy finish, you may try applying some over-it powder to lessen the dewy finish but avoid using dry and matte-based foundations if you have dry skin.

Opt for creamy formula lipsticks

In winter, creamy lipsticks fit better on flaky lips, nourishing them from the depth and smoothening down the dry lip. It will give you a balmy finish and make the lips look plumper. Glossy and creamy textured lipsticks are loaded with argan oil, which helps keep the lip moisturized. Moreover, the creamy texture will blend smoothly, making it look instantly lively and youthful.

Add liquid highlighter

For getting a dazzling natural effect on your skin, you can apply a liquid highlighter with the help of a beauty blender on your collar bones, cheekbones, temple areas, under the brows, above the cupid’s bow, down the bridge of your nose, inner corner of your eyes. You can also mix the highlighter with your foundations or CC creams to create a natural-looking, dewy base. They are easy to use, non-sticky, transfer-proof, and dry quickly. It will compliment your whole look and contour your countenance.

 Avoid directly applying powders

One of the most important winter makeup tips is to stay away from loose powder. Directly using talcum powder on your dry and patchy skin in winter can make it look more flaky, dull, and lifeless. It might make the skin more dehydrated because it reduces the production of natural oils from the skin, and it can accentuate wrinkles and frown lines and give rise to unnatural skin. Instead, you can use a little bit of compact powder on your T-zones to set your makeup in place.

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 It’s essential to change the makeup routine accordingly with the seasons to ensure a smoother base and a flawless finish. Incorporating these winter makeup tips into your regular makeup routine can help you look better with a glowy and dewy makeup finish. These hacks and tips could help you achieve a perfect touch of glam to your everyday daily look with no extra effort.

These tips will be valuable for you in the long run. Moisturizing your skin before the makeup will add suppleness to your dry skin and benefit you. But before directly using any of the primer, moisturizer, or serum on your face, make sure to do a patch test since it might be harmful to your skin if you are allergic to any of the products and ingredients.



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