2020: How my spiritual practice will impact my business

Stephen J. Arias

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, 2020 has been…. well, it’s been something. Interesting. Confounding. Confusing and frightening. But also enlightening. I’ve chosen to embrace learning the lessons this year has offered (and has yet to) and shift my focus from what’s done to what’s still to come.

I’ve already embraced a sort of minimalism in many aspects of my life, cutting the clutter from my space and mind. Shedding myself of “things” that have served no other purpose than to either create in me a sense of guilt or a false sense of security. And this has been an incredibly freeing part of my personal growth these last few months. 

But, while I’ve always taken time to meditate, practice gratitude and journal on a daily basis, the true mess this year has made of things has further driven home the need for cleansing… of a different sort. Ironically, as you can see pictured, my sacred space is the only space in my home you could say lacks the minimalism I’ve otherwise wholly embraced. But each thing has great meaning and usefulness to me and my practice.

This is my creative and spiritual oasis. Some may assume my desk, where I create my jewelry and tutorials, would better serve this purpose. But, because jewelry is my business, I’ve learned it suits my productivity better when my work space remains practical and usable and easy to navigate. However, that’s not to say I don’t carry my spiritual inspiration, lessons and messages from my meditation cushion to the workbench. 

And now, because my focus has shifted significantly towards my spiritual progress, you might be seeing this represented more in my work moving forward. 

Some may know that I’ve been pagan since adolescence, and have enjoyed sharing the symbolism of my practice through the Goddess pendants I’ve made and Tree of Life designs. 

But now you may (or may not… no judgments) be interested to know that, coming soon, I’ll be introducing wands and more witchy-inspired goods to my shop! 

These new designs were all conceived here, in my sacred space, where I’m surrounded by the symbolism of my life-long practice, my Slavic roots and ancestors, and the peace of stepping away from the crazy of 2020, if only for a few minutes a day. 

I hope you’ll enjoy the designs to come and maybe derive a little peace of your own. 

Brightest blessings,

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